Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Beginnings...

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for being away.

I'm currently in the process of creating another blog. Which means...

Beauty O'holic is coming to an end... actually, she'll be moving to another blog and becoming a family with many other topics and writers.

I would personally like to thank my readers for keeping us going this long...way beyond what I thought was possible. I hope to see you all at the new blog.

I would like to thank my writer's from the bottom of my heart for all their volunteered hard work and beautiful tips and tricks to assist our readers with tidbits of their personal lives flowing through their posts.

And, I would like to thank everyone has a whole for allowing me to take a step back to deal with personal matters and to branch into something new....

So, the new blog...

I hope to see everyone there.

I hope for the blog to be fully up and running by end of June. I'm still in the beginning process of starting over, but the link already active.

Best Wishes,

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