Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hair Care From Around The World

A Scottish beauty secret; sea kelp for your hair! It's high in Vitamin A, B and C. It will give your hair shine like you have never experienced.

In Russia, when a woman wants to bring out their blonde highlights it is common for women to mix a handful of dried daises with boiling water, let it steep and use it as a final rinse for when you are about to get out of the shower.

Filipina women add aloe to their hair for luster with Vitamin C, E and zink (as well as many other nutrients) your hair will get the nutrients it needs! Apply an hour before showering and your hair will come out luscious!

Egg and avocado are a super common mixture in Africa. Mixed together and applied to your hair for an hour, rinse well and your hair will come out feeling amazing.

Paraffin oil is a common Ethiopian trick for treating dandruff, not only that it will leave your hair moisturized and shiny!


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