Saturday, November 22, 2014

Skin Care While Traveling

Like always, while traveling you are trying to keep your luggage to a minimum. So, when it comes to your skin care, it's the same thing! There are a few simple things you can do, and one thing you can do is to use multi-use products.

One of the most important things is to keep yourself moisturized and one of the best products for moisture and multi-use is...coconut oil. It can used for hair, skin or oral use. But, since this post is about body, we can skip tight to the skin care. For anyone who gets dry or irritated skin during the winter, coconut oil is one of the only products I have been able to find that has helped me. The saturated fat keeps your skin smooth, the vitamin E helps repair your skin and the protein helps produce beautiful new skin cells. Not to mention, coconut oil can double as a sun screen. If you can, skip the foundation on the day of traveling. Sounds crazy, but it will be so much better on your skin and you won't have to risk it coming off while you are sleeping on the plane ( or train, bus, car - whatever you take). While you are skipping products...leave the long lasting lip stick in your suitcase (it will dehydrate your lips) and instead bring your second favorite lipstick and a medicated lip balm - it won't rub your lipstick off.
Bring a small spray bottle with a little water and lavender oil mixed in. It's an easy way to freshen up on the go. The benefits of the lavender oil will leave you calmer, more relaxed, reduce acne, help you sleep and repel bugs.
If you are going to be traveling for a while, bring wet wipes, dry shampoo and breath freshener. It make take up more space in your bag, but you won't smell bad - I'd say it's worth it!
If you are lucky and don't need to bring all of your own products (like shampoo or body wash), bring your top five products and you will be set, as long as you pick the right products.
What do I bring while traveling?
I'm a simple gal - it's something I pride myself in while traveling, but needless to say I'm simple when it comes to the products I bring. My number one product is coconut oil (no surprise there!), after that comes may favorite tee tree facial wash, tone and facial moisturizer. I never need to worry about soap or anything else, so I am lucky enough to only need these four products.


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