Friday, September 05, 2014

Faking a Bigger Bust

I used to be a 30 AA. Needless to say it was hard finding bras that we're small enough for me. It normally meant getting them online from Asian countries. Then I went on "the pill" and...I've managed to go up to a 30 D. Now, it's even harder to find bras that fit! The worst part? Even though they are so large, they still look tiny! So, with all this time spent with small boobs, I've learned how to show 'em off just right and make 'em look bigger than they are.

Let's talk about bras! I mean, it would only make sense to talk about the thing that holds our girls up - right? Okay, so when you are looking for a bra, you want something that has padding - how much padding is up to you, but if you are going to make your bust look bigger than it is, you are going to want the bra with the most padding.

You also want to look for a bra that has change-able straps. A razor back bra (or a bra with crisscrossed straps) is going to give your girls a bit of a "pull together", so to speak. That's going to make 'em look bigger and give you cleavage. When you are getting your bra, make sure your straps are tight enough. Most of the time our straps are too lose and that's causing sagging - and aging is not going to make the girls look bigger.

You know these things: You've seen them everywhere. They create the same effect as the crisscrossing of the straps. You can also just use a safety pin, hair clip, etc. to create the same effect.

Let's talk a little more about padding. There are loads of kinds of padding, some come in bras and some come out of them. Most of the padding you get in bras can come out, so check your bras to see if there are any ways to access your padding and you can double up on padding, if you ever feel like it. When it comes out of bra padding, I suggest every girl invest in one of these:

They can be found on Ebay for $3. The reason I suggest these is not only "will they give you at least a cup size," but they also clip together - that will give you cleavage. They should be worn with a bra, if they can be as they do break after too much ware and tare.

Last, but not! Yes, makeup! You can brush a little bronzer right into the cleavage zone to give the effect of more shadowing.

Note: I am not here to say that you should have bigger girls or to even encourage not to be happy with your size, but I do know how much it sucks to be so small that when wearing some low cut tops it doesn't even look like you...well have anything there. With all these tips, you should be able to "go up" three bra sizes! Good luck ladies.

I hope it was helpful <3

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