Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Best Mascaras Pt. 1

Hello Ladies,

I've come up with a list of some of the best mascara's that I either have experience using or my best friends have raved about...

According to Sweet Diva, Sonia Kashuk offers several versions of her Lashify Mascara: black and brown, in regular and waterproof formulas. This mascara has minimal packaging, which many people find appealing. The "tube" is square, but not difficult to hold as you apply the mascara. The brush has a nice marriage; the bristles are more separate and spiral down the brush like they do on the Bobbi Brown wand, but these bristles are fuller, like the Neutrogena wands.

This mascara may be a bit more money than Sonia Kashuk (remember you're also paying for the brand), but I am not a fan of looking like I wear makeup everyday - however, with only a few swipes with this mascara, it looks natural without the clumping and flaking.

According to Chrissy Callahan for She Knows' Beauty & Style, this is the must-have affordable mascara. The ultimate dramatic look is inspired by the Capitol in The Hunger Games and is part of Covergirl's The Capitol Collection. This mascara provided her with a great life and curl to her lashes. For more information about her review, click here.

According to Socially Awkward Fashionista, she was pleasantly surprised by how well this mascara worked, as the description states it does. If you're looking for volume and length, without having that 'outrageous' fake lash look, this is the mascara to choose. For more information on her review, click here.

According to Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog, this mascara certainly "lengthens, curls and defines lashes so amazingly well that I don't mind at all." She says its easy to apply, while never clumping or flaking (something I definitely look forward to in mascaras). For more on her review, click here.

Tune in for The Best Mascaras - Part 2 August 3rd!

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Happy Shopping!

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