Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lash Out: The Basics to Fake Lashes

Fake lashes, oh fake lashes. I always hear so many questions about them, so let's about them and I will answer as many as I can.

What kind of lashes should I buy?
This really depends. You can buy a full strip or you can buy sections. If you don't want as dramatic a look go - for the section. I always suggest going with a cheap pair the first time to make sure they are something you will continue to use.

How do I apply the lashes?
First, take a deep breath, I promise it is not as hard as you think! Fit your lashes by measuring them against your eyelid. If you need to shorten them, do so - they are meant to be cut!

Now, take your glue and apply it somewhere - like a small piece of plastic, paper, etc. Either run the lashes through the puddle you just made or use a Q-tip to apply the glue to the lash line of your fake lashes.

Wait 30 - 50 seconds for the glue to become tacky before applying to the lashes. Use Q-tip, tweezers, tooth pick, etc. to push it into perfect place and allow to dry.

How do I take them off?
Very carefully dip a Q-tip in oil. Make sure that it is not dripping and run the Q-tip around/under the lash line. The reason you want to be careful with the oil is that you want to avoid getting it on the lash as much as possible - some lashes do not react well to the oil, but using oil is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your lashes off. You must clean your lashes once you are done removing them to make sure there is no oil on them.
How long should they be kept?
It depends on how often you use them. Most lashes get about 5-6 uses out of them, depending on how well you care for them.

How do I clean my lashes?
Mix makeup remover with water and allow your lashes to soak in there for 30 - 60 seconds. Pull them out of the water and use a cotton swab to clean off the lashes. Use a Q-tip to clean around the lash line and leave them to hair dry completely.

How should I care for my fake lashes?
Keep them clean when you are not using them, store them in a safe place. I suggest a contact case or other small, yet hard container. You want to put a little stress on them as you can, so try to make your application quick and try not to grab and play with them if you are not going to use them.

Help! I need tips in regards to my false lashes!
Okay, here are a few things I have picked up here and there:
*Always make sure your lashes are curved.
*Cut your lashes into sections and apply them like that if it will be easier for you.
*Apply mascara to help blend your natural lash and the fake lashes.
*If there is a gap between your lash line and the fake lashes, use a little black liner/shadow to fill it in.


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