Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Glowing Summer Skin - In Minutes!

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Summer is one of my favourite times of year. Everyone is relaxed, ready to have fun, and excited about life. It's not hard to figure out why! There's plenty of sunshine to enjoy and tons of cute clothes to wear. (Hello crop tops and denim shorts!) The only way to make summer better is to enjoy it with gorgeous, glowing skin.

Are you ready for a bit of good news? You don't need to hit the beach to get your glow on. You can fake it at home with the right products! If you've been dreaming about J. Lo - esque skin, look no further. These tips will help you get glowing summer skin - in just a few short minutes.

Your best starting point is with a gradual tanner. You don't need to hop into a tanning bed or apply a super dark self-tanner. Something like Jergens Healthy Glow or Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs will give your skin just a hint of colour. With just one application, you'll see a subtle (but beautiful!) results. Best of all, you can build up the colour as much or as little as you like. There's truly no easier way to start getting glowy! Gradual tanners typically come in categories: fair, medium, and dark, so be sure to choose a product that suits your skin type. It's never a good idea to try and amp up your colour by grabbing the wrong shade...it can end up looking muddy.

Once you've got your body tanned and ready to go, it's time to tackle makeup products. There are many different products on the market that can give you the glowing skin you're dreaming of. Look for anything with shimmer, cream or powder highlights, and baked blushes. They'll give your skin that warm, healthy, and totally gorgeous glow.

Some of my favourites? For high-end, I really like the Anastasia cream highlight cream duo in Aspen or Benefit's "Heat Wave." A great drugstore pick is the Wet n' Wild powder highlight in "Reserve Your Cabana." Just add a little highlighter to your cheekbones. You'll love the end result!

There's nothing like embracing summer skin. Make sure you look dazzling - and glowing - this season by using the right products. Once you have, you can enjoy every unforgettable moment summer has to offer.


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