Friday, June 06, 2014

Build Your Wardrobe

Hello Ladies,

There's something about a change in seasons that makes me want to clean out my closet and start fresh. It's always the time when I go through the "I have nothing to wear" or "I hate everything in my closet" saga.

Out with the Old
  • Clean up your room. Tearing apart your closet in an already messy room will just create a big, frustrating, overwhelming disaster. So clean up your space and make room to lay out your clothes.
  • Clean yourself up. Do your hair and makeup. Anything you try on will look better if you're looking good too!
Get to Work
  • Put on a neutral base. Pick out a top and bottom (maybe jeans and a white tee) to try on your pieces. If you're trying on a top, wear the jeans and vice versa with the white tee. Then start going through your clothes.
  • Go through one category at a time. Do your tops first, then skirts, and so on. It's easier to determine if you have duplicates or similar pieces.
  •  Start with clothes you don't need to try on. These may be closet staples (black and white tanks/tees), uniforms/work attire - put them in the STAY pile. Anything that is ripped, stained or damaged in anyway - move them to the GO pile.
Does it fit me right now? We all have goal pieces in our closets - unless it's within 1 size (2 max) from your current size, let it go to a new home! :(

Are all aspects of it flattering (the cut, color or fabric)? Just because something 'fits' doesn't mean it's flattering. Does the color wash your out or the fabric give your lumps and bumps? If it does, let it go!

Do you love it? Would you re-buy it in a heartbeat? Obviously you won't be head-over-heels for every single piece in your closet, but if it just 'doesn't do it for you', put it in the GO pile!

Will I wear it? Does it fit my lifestyle? We've all bought that fab skirt or hot heels thinking we would find somewhere to wear them (like a girl's night out)...2 years later, they're still in the closet with tags. Make some $$$ and someone else happy!

Go Through Your Piles

STAY If you ended up with a lot of items in your stay pile, see if you can re-evaluate. You're trying to build a wardrobe you LOVE!

GO Divide your pile into pieces that need to be tossed, donated and sold. If you have quality pieces, take them to a consignment store or sell them online.

MAYBE If you can't decide on a piece, put it in the maybe pile (but don't let this pile get too big!). Come back and re-evaluate these clothes in a month.
Once you get the hang of cleaning things out, it will become easier to part with pieces. When the going gets though, just remember - you're working towards building a wardrobe you love with pieces you'll be excited to wear everyday!

***If you're pregnant, this process won't work for you until after you deliver your baby and fully recover enough to get back into your regular clothes.***

See Part 2 on July 12th - Let's Go Shopping!

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!


  1. Great post, I am in the middle of working on my closet now, I did this right before winter cleaned up a lot, but I still have too many clothes in my closet! LOL! I will be using your tips for my this clean-out.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope always does a wonderful job with organizational tasks involving beauty and fashion! Great job Hope!


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