Monday, June 16, 2014

Beachy Pin-Up Oil Mask

Summer is the perfect time for a pin-up inspired do, add to that an all-natural five minute moisturizing treatment that you can put in and forget about?

First grab, your favorite oil and massage onto your scalp and strands. You want the hair covered, but try to avoid having it a greasy mess!

Now, tie your hair in a low pony tail (I always suggest doing this as it will help keep the hair in the bandana).

Take your bandana and fold one corner to the other (making a triangle) take the tip of the triangle and fold it into the bandana (how far you fold it will depends on how much fabric you need to cover your hair, I normally go down about 1/3 of the way). Now you are ready to tie it up. Gather your hair in one hand and hold the bandana in the other. Once the bandana is covering your hair, you can take your hand away from your hair and grab an end of the bandana in each hand. Positioning the ends at the center (or side, whatever you'd like) of your forehead and tie!

And you're done! Go out and have fun, the heat from the weather will warm your hair which will help the oils absorb into the hair, which will make the hair look less greasy.

I did this all last summer, while I was working on the car and I can say that it works for sure!


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