Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flirty Floral Nail Ideas

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Spring is here. That alone is cause for celebration! Along with the warm weather (and super cute clothes) comes a seasonable trend that always manages to stay in style: floral print. The spring, you'll see floral prints on t-shirts, dresses, shorts, and even hair accessories.

One of the best ways to wear floral is by adding it to your nail art. Yes, it's time for some flirty floral nails! These ideas are sure to get you inspired for all of that sunshine.

Freehand Florals:

Okay, so this first nail design is for the seriously skilled. You'll need steady hands and a little concentration to make this work...but you won't have to buy anything extra. Just grab a couple of cute shades from your nail polish collection and get going!

To create your own freehand floral nails, start by painting your nails one solid colour. Then, using a toothpick, start creating flower designs (very carefully) in whatever shades you like. These can be as simple or as complicated as you like. As you go along, you'll get more confident - and your flowers will look even better. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Nail Stickers:

You've probably seen a ton of nail stickers at your local beauty store. They stick to your own nails and transform your look in just a few minutes. This option is fast, easy, and effective. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and apply. A tip? Try the Sally Hansen ones for long lasting wear. Last year, I wore them for two weeks before they started to peel. Impressive!

There are plenty of cute floral nail stickers out there right now - especially now that spring is here. To really stay on trend, look for a design that incorporates pretty pastels as well.

Floral Nail Decals:

Nails certainly aren't boring these days. Thanks to different techniques, colours, and decals, there are always fun ways to get creative. To give your nails a little flower power, grab some floral nail decals (you can get a kit from Sephora or head to your local drugstore). These stick directly onto your nails to give them a little 3D flair. The end result will be bold, dramatic, and totally unforgettable.

Celebrate spring in style this year. How? Give your nails a pop of floral. You'll look gorgeous...and on trend.


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  1. I love the first nails! Beautiful inspiration!



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