Saturday, February 15, 2014

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

You're first answer, without hesitation, should be I DO!!!

When we look in the mirror, we too often focus on what we don't like and we hear the inner tape running in our head...and sometimes whispered out loud...about what is wrong with us.

The next time you are in front of your mirror, stop and think about what you would say to your friend...or even a stranger who asked your opinion.

Would you say "look at those hips!"...or..."whatever made you think you could wear that?" Of course you wouldn't. We are much kinder and forgiving to others than we are to ourselves.

So, start loving kind to yourself, value yourself. It is not is caring.

If you feel there is something you can do to improve, aim for EXCELLENCE, not perfection. Scoring 90 on a test gets you an A just like a 100 does. No one gets 100 every time.

Be your own Valentine.

Now lets hear it...

who loves ya baby?!


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