Wednesday, January 01, 2014

January 2014 Monthly Roundup

Hello Beauties,

January, the first month of every year and we are finally in 2014!
This month we have new themed weeks for you, of course. We finish the New Year's Resolution Week with the first four days of January and head straight into our Awards Week! Our first full week of January, I will be issuing awards to our Beauty VIP's for all their hard work, dedication and amazing posts that they have written in the past year. Closely following will be the Top 10 Beauty Blogs that have made our list for 2013 (yes, it is 2014 - but I follow my favorite blogs all year and make the final decision in December).

For the rest of the week for Awards, I've asked our Beauty VIP's to write about their awards/certificates/degrees/acknowledgments/accomplishments, etc. that they've received in the past and in the present. I'd like them to share their accomplishments with our readers. I will also be contributing my own awards within the week.

Steampunk Week has finally made it on our list for themed weeks. A reader a few months back asked when we would be writing about Steampunk or if it was ever on our agenda...well, that will be covered this week!

Fairytale Week is one we all know a lot about. Every fairytale you were ever told, old and new will be mentioned during this week. Well, at least the one's the Beauty VIP's write about.

And, last but certainly not least, our last themed week in January is Harry Potter Week inspired by Beauty VIP Lainey. This week, each of the Beauty VIP's will choose their favorite characters and talk about their hair, face, nails, body and fashion...they may even throw in a few trivia tips that you may or may not have known.

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