Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Traditions Week

Hello Beauties,

Welcome to Holiday Traditions Week! This week is about, you guessed it, Holiday Traditions. This week is inspired by Beauty VIP Shannon.
What kind of traditions do you do with your grandparents, parents, friends, siblings, etc. during the holiday season or even on Christmas day?

Do you go outside and playing the snow with your family? Tubing down the hills and knocking over your siblings? Sounds fun!

Do you stay indoors and make a large batch of cookies with your grandmother to leave our for Santa before you go to bed?

Do you watch the holiday classics on television like you did as a child?


Every Christmas, my family has to have a large batch of cinnamon rolls for our Christmas breakfast, followed by large glasses of milk. But, because of all that sugar, we'll be adding large bowls of fruit and other breakfast items this year. 



With less than 10 days til Christmas, we wish you and your family
a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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