Saturday, November 02, 2013

November Roundup



Hello Beauties,

Yes, it really is November. I can't believe this year has gone by so far or at least since July everything seem to hit "full speed ahead".

October seemed to have a few days more than I would have liked that were missing posts, but like I tell all my Beauty VIP' happens. We have said goodbye to a few of our Beauty VIP's: Jenny, Mia and Vicky. You will be missed by our team, as well as by our faithful readers. You are welcome back anytime.

We have also gained a few Beauty VIP's who will be making their writing debut with us during the month. You can check out their mini-bio's on our Beauty VIP page at the top.


November Themed Weeks
  • Oh...the possibilities Week (inspired by Beauty VIP Darci)
  • Random Tips Week (inspired by Beauty VIP Lainey)
  • Be Thankful Week
  • Common Issues Week (inspired by Beauty VIP Deanna)

Our Giveaway is still ongoing; be sure to stop by our Giveaway page and enter to win. Within a blink of an eye the submissions went from 5 to 90. The deadline for this giveaway is December 16th.

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