Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting Your Closet Ready for Fall Fashions

Hello Ladies,

Know when to do it

If you keep jeans and some light sweaters around for the summer, you should be able to make it well into the first month of fall before need to dig out the rest of your fall/winter wear from storage.

Set aside a good chunk of time

I don't know about you, but every time I take my sweaters out of the closet, I tend to take out the entire closet full of clothes; which usually results to my bed being covered. If you don't take enough time before doing this, you may end up sleeping on the couch.

Get prepared

Invest in a vaccum - or at least a handheld. Don't forget under-bed bins which are great for storing sandals, beach bags and other summer accessories you won't be needing for a while. Unless your like Meredith (yes, I'm picking on her); she lives in Florida...she might be able to get away with sandals until end of December. Might.

Don't just throw everything into a storage bin

Didn't think about wearing a particular item all summer long? Chances are you won't wear them next summer either.

Trim your T-shirt collection

This is really hard for me. I'm a huge fan of t-shirts; ever since high school. Remember, those shirts you've grown out of because of that fabulous diet you just finished or you haven't worn them in years...either get rid of them or save them for a quilt. So, put them into a storage bin that you know you aren't going to wear, but want to keep.

Recycle those ratty t-shirts, especially the one's with the holes or sweat stains on the armpits. Eww! Cut them up and use them as cleaning rags for around the house.


A run through the wash is fine for your cargo shorts, but go the extra mile for dresses and suits. Instead of packing them away, hang them in the back of your closet. These items don't go by seasons, you may need a dress or a suit.

Fold your sweaters

This will save closet space and prevent those unwanted hanger marks.

Scarves/Hats easy to grab

If you don't have a hat rack, over-the-door hooks or designated bins, get one...a cheap one. It beats spending 20 minutes before running out the door fishing through a basket under your bed.

Be OCD and label, label, label

One day, you may plan to take an impromptu trip to, say, Brazil for Thanksgiving. Knowing which bin your favorite beach hat is in will save you from missing your flight. (You're welcome).

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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