Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ben Affleck

Hot Stuff

Everyone likes to stare at some actors who just seem to be effortlessly good looking. Even with stubble on their chin, or beards, they can pull it off.

Ben Affleck happens to be my celeb crush!

Although he is considerably older than me, I don't mind because age is just a number, right?

... maybe...

Okay, yes he is way too old, but take a look at these and tell me you don't find him gorgeous!

Hope you didn't drool too much!



  1. I have a lot of celeb crushes...I can't help it there are so many good looking guys out there. Ben is not bad, I have to say he is aging very well. I think he is a pretty good director too, probably better than he is at acting. One movie I loved him in was called Reindeer Games. Have you seen that one?

    1. Hello Erica! I can honestly say I haven't. I'll definitely put that on my list of movies to see! Have you seen Argo? Great movie!


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