Monday, February 18, 2013

Curls & Pin Ups

During the war era, big hair was in! While many Stylistas, for example, and Beauty O'holic's today still think that wearing your hair in a bee hive is hip, today's fashions and trends are quite different, while keeping that retro look.

All women, of every era, long for well-conditioned hair. I know I do. One way women in the forties cleansed their hair was by mixing a tablespoon of baking powder with a small cup of water. While being cheap and an accessible cleanser, it is still extremely easy to recreate today. Instead of spending your hard earned money on shampoo and conditioner, why not follow their conditioning treatments of rubbing raw eggs into your hair to act as a deep conditioner or even rinsing your hair in beer (not of age, ask your mother to help).

Curls never went out of style. The female icon "Rosie the Riveter" also set the trend for great curls - and bandanas. Which now, and I am unsure why, but many refer to this look as Rockabilly.


Just like fashion trends, beauty trends come and go...and come back again. Who knew recycling beauty trends would be so much fun?

Blunt Bangs:

Made famous by the "Queen of Pinups", Bettie Page's trademark bangs came to symbolize sexuality and a timeless style that would later sprout copycats and eventually lead to the advent of clip-in bangs.

Bettie Page

The most recent celebrity that I have seen that was able to pull this style off would have to be Rooney Mara. Blunt bangs should fall straight across your forehead, from temple to temple, and end right above your eyebrows. When styling, keep them soft, and not-at-all stiff. They would have a little bit of bounce - best achieved with a dollop of volumizing mousse and blow-drying with a medium round boat-bristle brush - but not looking like that have been rolled under.

High Ponytails:

The simplest and the most loved of hairstyles, the ponytail has been embraced by everyone from high-school cheerleaders to music icons, such as Cher.

Make your ponytail stand apart from the pack by smoothing down frizz and flyaway's with a serum,
tying it super-high, and spritzing it into place with hairspray.

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  1. Great post, I've rinsed my hair with beer a few times. It definitely adds volume :)


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