Friday, January 25, 2013

Review City Pt. 2

I will admit that I am not a risk-taker when it comes to makeup.

Only if I do not leave my house. I usually only wear lip gloss; on occasion, lipstick, mascara and foundation.

After spending several months reading Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Allure, Elle, etc., I have slowly come out of my shell and put more color not only into my wardrobe, but also into my makeup.

I found myself reconsidering my boring makeup routine. Would I really die if I tried some electric blue eye shadow? Probably not. Time to add "try color" to my to-do list.

What colors have you always wanted to try, but have been afraid to come out of your shell?

Here is a list of colors I would love to try. Eventually, I will leave my house wearing these colors...eek!

First, Hot Pink!

I think the last time I wore hot pink makeup, it might have been from a fake makeup kit my mom bought me as a child. Before you write off this bold color, just know that how you apply your brush makes a HUGE difference in successfully pulling off this trend. To not look like a clown, make sure you use just a touch of the color on the apples of your cheeks.

For fair to medium skin tones: lightly apply this color to the apples of your cheeks. If the fuchsia is still too bright, cover the blush with a translucent powder. To complete the entire look, add a paler shade of fuchsia to your lips. For darker tones: go for a darker fuchsia hue and apply the color heavily. For the rest of your face, try a natural, taupey eye, and for a night look, a slightly cat-eye to punch it up.

Every year, the ultimate color authority picks a new "Color of the Year". For 2012, that color was Tangerine Tango.

As for 2013, Emerald has been named "Color of the Year".

Orange hues can do wonders for your eye color. It makes blue eyes pop, and also accentuates brown eyes. Just keep in mind that orange eye shadow makes a big statement, so do not over do the rest of your face. Instead, stick with a creamy nude lipstick and a coral blush.

For fair skin tones: creamsicle hues look great for fair skin. Medium skin tones: look for an orange that features a pink hue, or an outright coral tone. Darker skin tones: to get an orange to stand out against your darker skin, you will need to wear a bright pop of color. The key it to layer; start with a sheer application and add that bright pop of color to the lid or into the crease and finish with a sweep of bronzer on your face for sun-kissed glow.

Purple Lipstick:

This trend was obviously not made for goth-wannabes or high style fashion models. This was made for real girls. While this is not far from the popular pink lip look, you need to be careful while wearing this color, in any shade. Before you apply this color to complete your latest look, make sure that you cover any under eye circles or blemishes. Anything purple will make the red in your skin stand out.

Fair skin tones: if you do not want to overwhelm your skin, try a sheer wine-colored purple lipstick, such as my favorite, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

Medium skin tones: skip the darker shades and grab a lavender hued lipstick. You can wear it on top of lipstick or on its own. Darker skin tones: the darker the skin, the more blue-based the purple should be, so that your skin does not look ashy.

I'm Blue (Da Ba De):

Blue eye shadow is not too far from your traditional black. Blue eye shadow looks great on every skin tone and it also works with all skin tones.  The ultimate rule to wearing blue eye shadow has to do with confidence and an heavy application. If you are going to wear it, you should own it. You do not want to go wishy washy with this color. Make sure you blend it to get a smooth finish.

Fair skin tones: instead of going for a fully covered lid, try using your eye shadow as an eyeliner. Simply wet your brush and follow your lash line, or you could just buy a bright blue eye liner. Medium skin tones: on your upper lid, pack on the blue eye shadow, but make sure to smudge the shadow underneath your eye. This will help soften the entire look. Darker skin tones: apply a taupe eye shadow to your entire lid, then swipe electric blue shadow in the inner corners. The blue will take the place of a highlight.

Fashionably Yours,



  1. I want to play around with more bold colors too. My eyes are really big so sometimes I have to watch out or I look a lil crazy. I'm really liking the pinks and yellow on Rihanna in that photo.

  2. I'm loving that look with the turquoise on the inner tear ducts. Such a great post, I love using colored shadows and liners :)



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