Sunday, January 13, 2013

Instructional Week

Hello My Beauties,

While surfing the web, via Pinterest, LoveIt and Google, I have come to realize that as there are many beauty blogs of valuable information, none have the basics of the beauty blog world itself.

Occasionally, I have come across a blog about proper placing of a beauty blog button to attract more viewers and beauty blog lingo.

What I have yet to find is the educational understanding as to why we must do certain things in the form of beauty - including running a beauty blog.

Now, this week I am not going to lecture you about every tiny little detail - that would take more than a week and chase you away, which is not my plan.

This week is about the "need to know" for yourself and the beauty world. Whether you are at the beginner level or the advanced level, I guarantee you will learn something. I sure did!

What does it take to live up to the unrealistic standards set by the beauty and fashion industries? Or do we want to?

Fashionably Yours,


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