Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walking on the Wild Side

Instead of finding you a great steal this week, we're going to teach you the proper way to wear animal prints.

First off, you need courage to wear animal prints, that's for sure. Just remember that you should feel confident, sexy and attractive when sporting animal prints and not ever embarrassed. Animal prints represent a bold choice, a dangerous game that requires a certain fashion sense in order to find the most stylish ways to wear them. Think of being judged by Miranda from the Devil Wears Prada. When properly worn, it can become a real fashion statement, boosting any dull outfit, but when matched wrongly, it turns into a major fashion disaster (remember, Miranda pursing her lips when she sees a fashion disaster).

It's not always easy to wear animal prints.
One important rule is to avoid the excess of animal print
and stay away from a head-to-toe look (those are for runway only).

The best thing to do is to choose one item and match it with the already famous neutrals. You can make an outfit more daring by replacing black or brown with brighter colors, such as green or red (but not both).

Another thing to take into consideration when finding stylish ways to wear animal prints is to pick out good quality textiles as they can totally make the difference.

Being subtle is key. Prints tend to draw attention towards the area they cover, try to wear them taking into consideration your body shape and the flaws you want to camouflage. If you want to hide larger hips, never wear leopard printed pants. Instead, choose an item with animal print in the upper part, like a shirt or headband.

A safe way to wear animal prints it t choose accessories, especially if you cannot see yourself rocking a blouse or a dress. Discreet and simple will always be 'in', choosing an accessory will bring personality to a dull outfit becoming the point of attraction.

A pair of shoes, a scarf, a belt or a handbag will instantaneously boost your look. As "less is more" will never go out of style. One single accessory is enough.

Never mix the different types of prints out there. Go for one print and match accordingly with neutrals and solid colors, especially black, bright white, gray, brown and beige (nature's colors). For example, a leopard print in tones of brown and black work great with gold, such as a golden belt or necklace. Zebra print in white, black and gray tones can be worn with pastels and blue accessories. Make sure you always keep the rest of the outfit simple and clean.

If you want a casual look, try to pair a masculine blazer, a simple t-shirt, skinny jeans and animal printed ballet flats. Or a animal print blouse and a denim skirt and neutral flat shoes.

If you want a more elegant look, try an animal printed dress teamed with oversized accessories. Pay a lot of attention when choosing the right dress. It is important to invest in a breezy, matte and high-quality fabrics, such as cotton or silk. Another elegant look is a skirt with leopard print teamed with a cream blouse and a pair of studs can represent a feminine, sexy look.

If you want an office look, try a printed dress matched with a boyfriend blazer and ballet flats, which will add the severe touch your outfit needs and balancing the look that will certainly draw attention in a good way.

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Happy Shopping!

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