Thursday, September 20, 2012

Perfect Skin Foods

7 Foods for Perfect Skin


Strawberries are rich in Coenyzme Q10,
which fights free radical damage, slows the aging process,
and increases the rate and efficiency of cellular energy production.


Not only is it good tasting, but when taken internally,
the sweetener helps to strengthen the immune system and fight free radicals.


High in antioxidants which are known to ward off
environmental aggressors.

Grapeseed Oil

Containing antioxidants which assist in tightening
and brightening the complexion.


Rich source of amino acids,
eggs work to boost the production of new skin cells.


Blueberries and other vitamin Cs, when combined with amino acids,
act as the co-factor that forms strong collagen fibers (new skin cells).


Want soft skin?
Load up on avocados,
which also helps stimulate collagen production.

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

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