Sunday, August 05, 2012

Olympics Week

Hey Everyone!

Just giving a heads up of what we've got for you this week.

Hope has some amazing stuff lined up for you!

You are in for a real surprise this week.

As this is the final week for the Olympics - London 2012,

this week is our first official themed week,
and my first official public blog myself. I'm usually behind the scenes.

This week's theme is OLYMPICS.

How themed weeks work is that this weeks blogs have certain characteristics
that make them work together.

Every week we cover hair, face, nails, body and fashion.

What's their connection?

Eventually, when we get the hang of having themed weeks
(maybe within a few months) we may post my first blog giveaway!!! Can't wait!

Depending on what week I choose,
the giveaway may be part of the theme as well. I am even thinking mystery bags...
but it's only research at this point.

Hope you enjoy this weeks blogs.
See you next time,


Have a great week!

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