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My name is Meredith. I created Beauty O'holic as an outlet for my creativity and to connect with other Fashionista's!

I am 28 and I live in Florida, USA. I am a college graduate and my boyfriend and I are expecting our first child.

I want to make sure that all the information you read on this blog is fun, beauty related and accurate!


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  1. Hello fellow fashionista, I just had to come rave about how awesome your prouducts are!! :) I have a couple bags of bathsalts and I LOVE them!! They smell AH-mazing,and they make my bath time ten times more comfortable and the scents are super soothing. I also got some of the beeswax lotion it makes my skin baby soft and doesn't leave that gross lotion residue. I would love to try more prouducts from your line. Hope to hear from you!!
    - Bathtime Beauty <3

  2. I just found your website VIA Pinterest because I'm in a desperate race against time to finally find a hairstyle that flatters my pear-shape face. After 21 years, hairstyles for the younger generation that will flatter this not-too-common facial structure are still elusive. I discovered your post that likened the pear face to Kelly Osbourne, and it was a great comparison! It's SO HARD to find anyone who even acknowledges this facial shape, but most of the suggestions are geared toward the older generation with short, voluminous cuts that you can find on Golden Girls and that your grandma (or at least mine) wears. I'm a young lady who needs something modern and flattering, not overly- hairsprayed and outdated. Do you have any haircut suggestions that aren't too "formal" and are a bit more "laid back" and every day? I'm your typical college student that's too pressed for time to dedicate much to doing her hair and I'm really looking for a flattering cut that won't need me to make it really work, ya know?

    Thanks again for being such a dedicated blogger, I can't wait to look through more of your posts!


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