Friday, February 06, 2015

Stylish Ways To Embrace Holiday Colours

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Love is in the air. In fact, it seems to be everywhere these days! Each and every store is jam packed with stuffed animals, heart shaped pillows, boxes of chocolates, and luxurious bouquets of flowers. Yes, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. That means now is the perfect time to spend time with the people you love. Whether you are planning a special evening with you main squeeze or want to have a fun movie night with your BFF, Valentine's Day gives you a chance to break free from the winter blues.

One thing is for sure: pink and red will be absolutely everywhere come February 14th. How can you wear these colours without looking like a giant candy heart? This is your guide to embracing holiday colours in style...

Keep It Simple

Wearing an all pink or all red ensemble can look great. Especially on Valentine's Day! The same can be said if you choose to sport a combination of red and pink. (Just think Emma Stone at the MET Gala.) The secret to avoid looking totally overdone? Keep it simple Avoid choosing pieces that are complicated, have a bold pattern, or appear overly busy. Instead, stick to solids. They are easier to wear - and will make sure the seasonal shades remain the focal point of your outfit.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Want to wear a sultry red dress for a night on the town? Great! Just pay special attention the shade of red that you pick. There are as many variations of this shade as there are people in the world! So, look at many different shades of red and pink. See which shades stand out to you - and which ones compliment your skin tone. Putting a little extra effort into the colour you choose will make sure you look your absolute best all night long.

Have Fun With Accessories

There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to wear red, pink, or white on Valentine's Day. You can always do something different. Try grabbing your favourite little black dress instead. Or throw on your comfiest sweater and a well-fitting pair of skinny jeans. Want to add a little style into your holiday look? Incorporate colour by making the most of accessories. A soft pink bracelet or a pair of heart shaped earrings can add a fun pop! They will look subtle, sweet, and seasonal. Accessories are one easy way to set the tone...without being bogged down by holiday colours.

Valentine's Day can be pretty exciting. Candy, flowers, and romance, oh my! This year, infuse your wardrobe with some seasonal inspiration. These stylish ideas will help you wow all night long

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  1. Cute outfits, red and pink can go horribly wrong or look absolutely cute it all depends on the pieces and how you put them together.


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