Thursday, January 22, 2015

Super Foods for Beautiful Hair

We all want gorgeous hair and chances are you already use the right products, but are you eating the right foods? The right food can work miracles for your hair, as well as your health. Here is a quick list of the best foods for your hair.
Now, we all know that our hair is mostly protein, so it goes without saying that we, most likely, want to increase our intake of protein for soft, strong, healthy hair. Protein can be found in nuts, tofu, meat or eggs.
Eggs are also rich in biotin, which is another hair care must have, include an avocado with your egg and you have a super snack for your hair.
Avocado is full of omega 3 (which is great if you don't like fish) and other great ingredients for your hair.
Vitamin C is also very important. Did you know that yellow peppers?
Add a little dark chocolate for your iron, almonds for vitamin E, tuna for vitamin D and plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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