Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Experience With: Hard Candy's Flirtified Body Scrub

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Beauty product junkie? Yes, yes, I am. There is something indescribably thrilling about trying out a new product. Maybe it will be "the one." Maybe it won't be. Not knowing is the most exciting part! Since I love trying out new products so much, I was especially eager when I saw that Hard Candy (one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands) had released a line of body products. Bath salts, shower gels, and a body scrub, oh my! My first foray into the Hard Candy bodyline was the Hard Candy Flirtified Roughin' It Body Scrub.

It was time to put it to the test! Over the past several months, I have tried out a few exfoliating products with mixed results. Some were too harsh and others did nothing at all. What I was really looking for was a scrub that felt somewhere in the middle. As I popped open the cap of Flirtified, I crossed my fingers that this would be the product I had been waiting for...

So, was it? It a word...yes! The exfoliating beads were small but effective. The texture was rough but not too abrasive. That means that my sensitive skin didn't end up red or bumpy post-shower. It also did a great job of removing the remnants of my fake tan and getting rid of dead skin cells. The end result was noticeably smooth skin. Let me just say - I was beyond happy with my purchase.

The packaging was sleek yet girly (the black and purple colour added a fun pop of colour to my shower caddy!) and the scent was wonderful. It was Black Orchid and Vanilla. It doesn't smell overwhelming but leaves a soft, pretty scent that makes you feel even better when you step out of the shower.

Between the effective but gentle exfoliating scrub, the lovely scent, and the stylish packaging, Hard Candy's body scrub was a total hit. Plus, with an affordable price tag, it can suit any beauty lovers' budget. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to say goodbye to dull skin.

The Hard Candy Flirtified Roughin' In Body Scrub was a winner. It worked well with my skin and really delivered on results. Since my initial purchase, I have already re-bought it once...and would happily do it again. As far as I'm concerned, this is a must have body scrub. Give it a try!

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