Saturday, January 10, 2015

And The Winners Are?

Hello Everyone and Beauty VIP's,
Just like from the beginning of Beauty O'holic, I am passing out awards... These are three very lucky Beauty VIP's that will be receiving the first ever awards for being the more POPULAR Beauty VIP writer's of 2014!

First off, there are three winners chosen based on page-views received for each of the posts that they've written over the past year.
Next, it was very difficult to choose the three most popular based on votes, so I let the numbers do the talking.
Finally, each of these writer's have dedicated to writing a minimum of one post a month, however, these Beauty VIP's went above and beyond - writing up to 5+ posts within the same month.

Each winner will receive (via e-mail) a Certificate of Award complete with a Gift of Value to use at my shop For Sanity's Sake Products (Etsy Page). Each place will be awarded a different amount.
In 3rd Place,
with 3224 page views,
our Bronze Award goes to:
Lainey (The Belle Beauty Blog)
Awarded $10
While she is unfortunately leaving us, and hopefully coming back soon, we'll continue to read her posts as if she never left. Her beauty tips and secrets have helped many of our followers, myself included & continue to find more beauty loopholes and inspirations within the industry.
In 2nd Place,
with 3838 page views,
our Silver Award goes to:
Awarded $15
In 1st Place,
with 3932 page views,
our Gold Award goes to:
Deanna (All The Hair Info You Need)
Awarded $25
Everyone is being acknowledged for their amazing suggestions for future posts, many of which may not have been used this year, but they may be used in 2015. Thank you to our Beauty VIP's, let's make 2015 a great one!
Fashionably Yours,


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