Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bold, Holiday Nail Ideas For Every Formal Event

Written By: Shannon Boyce
The holiday season is exciting for a few reasons. One of those reasons? Catching up with old friends and flames. Especially once the New Year rolls around. Holiday parties typically start to flood your schedule from November on...but they don't stop once the Christmas festivities have ended. New Year's Eve parties and get-togethers always manage to carry over. This is a great thing. It gives you the chance to get your glitz on!

Whether you are dressing to the nines for a formal event, are meeting up with family, or just want to put your best foot forward...the best place to start is with your nails. They can give your look the sparkle it needs. Looking for a few ideas? These bold holiday nail ideas will make sure your nails wow all season long.
Glitter, Glitter, and More Glitter
Nothing says winter nails like glitter. There is something effortlessly pretty about all of the sparkle. Thankfully, adding glitter to your nails is quick and easy to do. Just grab a glittery nail polish from your collection. It can be any shade - and the glitter can be as small or as chunky as you like. It's all about your own preference.
Apply two even coats until your nails are completely covered in glitter. The end result will look dramatic, flirty, and perfectly suited to the winter season. If you want to keep the glitter to a minimum, opt for a statement nail instead. Paint just your pinkie finger or apply a thin coat over top of your favorite nail polish colour.
Try Foil Techniques
Foil has quickly become one of the most popular nail art techniques out there. There's a good reason for that! It gives you the chance to get creative with your nails, play with colour and texture, and give your style a hint of elegance and sophistication. There are plenty of foil kits available (either from a beauty supply store or your local drugstore), which makes this nail look both dramatic and easy to achieve.
Foil the entire nail or paint your nails in a solid colour before adding small sections of foil as an accent. Whatever you choose, it will look spectacular. To make your holiday nails bold and unique, opt for a bright red foil or shimmery silver. Since foil tends to look more sophisticated to begin with, the seasonal colours won't look tacky or overdone.
Unexpected Colours
Want to keep it simple? You can still make a statement this holiday season. Just choose a colour (or two) from your nail polish collection. Instead of reaching for standard fall and winter shades (like brown, burgundy, and black) opt for a pop of colour. This unexpected burst of colour will help your nails stand out in all the right ways. Opt for a medium pink, a teal, neon shade, or a flirty lilac. You will love the way it makes the rest of your holiday outfit pop.
Get creative with your nails this season. Give them a little sparkle and bang! With a bit of glitter, foil, and colour, you will have look-at-me nails in no time flat. Think it over...and get your glam on this season.

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