Sunday, November 02, 2014

What would be the best outfit to fit in to a casino's strict dresscode?

For most women, selecting what they are going to wear when they are preparing for an evening at the casino will be all part of the fun. What you decide to wear will depend on what you are going there for, and of course, the casino dress code.

Gambling Not Glamour

More women than ever have a serious interest in casino games such as baccarat, roulette, slot machines and blackjack these days - thanks to online casino - so you may well be going there with these in mind. If that is the case, comfort is more important than glamour, as you don't want to be distracted by painful heels or a tight-fitting dress, when you trying to win yourself some money. Outside of the top casinos, the usual dress code is smart casual, so a smart skirt or trousers, blouse, jacket and comfy shoes will suffice, and will let you game without discomfort.

Ready To Party

Another popular use of the casino nowadays is as the venue for a party night, and this presents a different kind of challenge for a woman when it comes to choosing an outfit. While you don't want to be uncomfortable, you will want to make a much more striking impression than you would if your night was about gaming. Either a little black dress or a cocktail one will be a smart selection, because the dress code will probably not permit any dress or skirt which is too short or scanty.

Fancy Dress to Impress

Some casino parties follow a fancy dress theme - and this is the one time when you really can be OTT (Over The Top) with your outfit. If the theme is gangster one, you can wear a tight dress, lavish makeup and gaudy fur and jewellery accessories to capture the look of a moll, while if the retro theme is more high than low-life, an ultra glamorous full-length gown will ensure you look born for the best things in life.

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