Monday, November 17, 2014

Travel Must-Haves: Makeup Edition

Written By: Shannon Boyce
There is nothing quite like travelling. You get to see the world, make unforgettable memories, and experience a place that is totally new and different. Travel is something I have always tried to incorporate into my life. Whether that meant going on an elaborate family trip or taking a weekend getaway with friends...discovering somewhere new has ultimately been rewarding, exciting, and worthwhile.

Are you planning to do some traveling this year? Maybe you are heading home for the holidays or want to take a trip somewhere hot when the New Year begins. Guess what? Packing well is essential! If you are anything like me (a total makeup junkie), you already know how difficult it can be to cut back on the beauty products. You can't bring them all with you - as much as you may want to!
The solution? Look for multi-purpose and pint-sized items. Now sure where to start? These must haves will make traveling in style easier than ever.
Bring Along a Bronzer Trio
Never underestimate the power of a good bronzer. Sure, it can add a healthy glow to your skin...but that's not all it can do! One travel friendly beauty product is a bronzer duo or trio. The 3-in-1 Sun Shimmer from Rimmel is an excellent example. It gives you three different shades in one compact product.
This is important! When you have more than one bronze shade it can save tons of space in your suitcase. Simply make the most of every colour you have. Use it as a bronzer or as a neutral eye shadow. You can even use it to fill in your eyebrows. Get creative and look for a bronzer that can be used in multiple ways. The versatility makes it ideal for travel!
Quads, Trios, and Mini Palettes
Smaller versions of your favourite products are great for vacations. You can find mini-hairsprays, shampoos, and more at your local drugstore. In terms of makeup, apply this travel-sized mentality to your shadows. Smaller is better! Choose a trio or quad that has a decent variety of wearable shades. Think purple, brown, white, and olive green. Look for slim but sturdy packaging.
You want a mini palette that won't take up a ton of room - but can be used to create many different looks. This will save you from lugging a bunch of bulky palettes! To pack effectively, stick to one or two quads. Or your can opt for one mini eyeshadow palette. No more than that, though. You don't want to bring along more than you actually need.
Be a Sample Queen
Have you ever gotten on an airplane only to worry about exploding bottles in your suitcase? How about all of the important items you left behind? No more! The key to a successful trip is to bring along samples, samples, and more samples. Did you score a primer to test the last time you visited Sephora? Bring it with you. Ditto any moisturizer, eyeliner, or mascara samples.
Now is the perfect time to give these new products a try. Not only will you be checking out some potential new favourites, but they will take up next to no space in your suitcase. And when you're done with them you can throw out the empty packaging. You can't do much better than that!
Traveling is exciting. Packing your beauty products? Not so much. Simplify the process by focusing on multi-tasking items, looking for travel sized products, and making the most of free samples. You'll be looking your best day after day - without overloading your luggage.

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