Sunday, November 02, 2014

Junk Food Week

From McDonald's to Skittles to take out...we've got you covered this week...apparently fast food is making its way around the fashion/beauty world. After checking out a few runway's through Pinterest, these multi-billion dollar companies are headed toward the fashion industry.

I've searched the web long and hard and found some of the most bold accessories available...some for more than a reasonable price, while others are possibly you're entire month's earnings. Either way, you'll sure make a statement with these pieces...

McDonald's or at least the knock off version has paired with Luis Aviaroma (Luxury Shopping Worldwide Shipping) in presenting their Moschino Capsule Collection Quilted Leather Bag (Item Code: 59I-0M7003) for $1265.

For Fall, several top designers embraced lighthearted bags with a junk food twist (which we'll see throughout the week). From Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger at Anya Hindmarch, Chinese take out containers at Kate Spade, and of course McDonald's theme Jeremy Scott employed at Moschino. I think we're headed toward a tasty fall of fashion and accessories.

Tone down a sequin top with a whimsical logo (such as Coca-Cola) with a blazer.

A few items have taken me a few minutes to figure out what they were, without having to read their descriptions...such as Anya Hindmarch's Crisp Packet Clutch, which reminds me of a bag of chips inner lining. If you're a fan of chips bags, this is definitely the clutch for you. It is available in Silver for just $1598.

A more affordable accessory for us ladies who live paycheck to paycheck...Kate Spade has Sweet Treat Studs for just $48. They can satisfy your sweet tooth or your wallet, whichever you prefer.

This is just a glimpse of what we've got in store for you this week...stay tuned...


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