Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Speeding Up Your Beauty Routine

So, we're back from summer vacation and I know a lot of you are back in school as well! With that comes an overload of homework, and with homework comes less time for your beauty routine, and because of that I wanted to bring you tips to maximize your time.

  1. Master the simple eye/bold lip routine. It takes me 5 minutes to put on mascara, eyeliner, foundation and red lipstick on and I still feel dolled up and ready to hit the town!
  2. Go old school and set your hair in pin curls the night before you want your locks curled. If you need to freshen them up in the morning that's fine, the curl that is already there will still save you time.
  3. Speaking of hair...Don't have the time to do a hair mask? That's okay, just take a couple of minutes out of your bed time routine and run oil from your scalp to your ends. Sleep with it in (don't worry, it shouldn't get your pillow case oily!) and when you wake up wash it all out. Viola.
  4. We talked about bold lips already but how do you get that color to stay? There are a few things you can do:
    • Use a stain instead of a lipstick
    • Use a lip liner under your lipstick or stain
    • This one is my personal favorite; double up on lipstick by applying one coat, applying a nude eye shadow or powder and then reapplying your lipstick.
  1. Roots look dirty? Let's assume you don't have any dry shampoo because you would have already used that...use hair spray! The alcohol will absorb the oils. The same can be done with mousse with just washed hair to help speed up the drying time.
  2. Want waves but don't have the time? Twist your hair into a loose bun before hopping in the shower. Make sure you shower in a nice a hot water, when you get out your hair will have soft waves.
  3. Replace one drink a day with water. Sounds silly, but it will help with acne, oily skin, and discoloration. Which in turn means you don't need to spend so much time on skin care in the mornings!
  4. Wash your tools once a week. I know, I know we are trying to save time here, but clean brushes will take less time to spread makeup around.
  5. Find a haircut that you don't have to style every day.
  6. The last time I have - to have a plan and have everything set out, or at least know where everything is. They say that when cooking we spend most of our time prepping and I believe that can also be true for our beauty routines.


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