Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Not to Spend $3000 a Year on Your Hair

I have a confession: I love spending money on hair products! Another? I hate spending money, but I get how the average women can spend $3000 on her hair. I dye mine, use weekly treatments, oils, heat tools. It gets pricey! So today, I'm going to talk about all my tips on keeping your locks lust worthy on a budget! Keep in mind that I do not use all these products at once, I normally mix it up and use 2-4 products at a time.

Eggs make a great shampoo for anyone who wants to use natural ones but doesn't want to pay the price! All you have to do is mix the egg into a froth, wet your hair and apply to the hair. Massage it in good and rinse it out.

A personal scalp massage is 100% free helps hair grow faster, reduces stress, and dislodges hair that is ready to come out anyways!

Use vinegar on your hair, about 1 cup warm water and 2-3 teaspoons vinegar, once you are done washing. This will help restore PH balance and give you shiny hair as soon as you rinse it out!

Coconut oil is great. We all know that, right? Well here is something I hope you don't know: Coconut oil can be used to help moisturize hair, help with growth and splitting can also be used as a heat protector! That's right, so every time you straighten your hair and use coconut oil, it's like you are giving yourself a mini hot oil treatment!

If you color your hair, consider going to the salon less...of if you do it at home, stock up on hair color when it is on sale, and still consider going every 1-3 months before dying...depending on how quickly your hair grows. If you go to a salon, consider going to local beauty schools and getting your hair done by the students, for much cheaper.

Lastly, DIY hair mask. I have and always will make my own, why? Because I like knowing what goes into my hair and because I am way too cheap to buy the ones you can get at a store. My average mask costs me about $0.50.

After this post, I did a little thinking...and I've figured that I spend about $700-800 on my hair care - how much do you spend? How do you keep the cost down?


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