Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beauty On A Budget Week

According to a few different websites women spend anywhere for $4000-10,000 on their beauty within 12 months. Crazy right? My car didn't even cost me $4,000, yet I'm probably guilty of spending about $2000 on my beauty in any given year.

Let's be realistic though, most of us don't have that much money to spend on our hair and make up and even if we do, couldn't that money go to better things?

That's why this week is all about beauty on a budget!

I would never sit here and tell you to give up your highlights or not to buy that new hand cream, because let's face it: our beauty routines are a way to pamper and reward our selves for the hard work we do. So, instead the writers here at Beauty O'holic are going to be dishing our favorite ways to save on our beauty routines. From hair care to fashion, we will have it all!

Settle in and get ready for some ready, but don't forget to share you own favorite ways to save!


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