Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Best Mascaras Pt. 3

Hello Ladies,

This is a continuation of Part 1 and 2 of the best Mascara's around. Part 1 was published on July 6th and Part 2 was published two weeks ago (on August 3rd). As I try to finish up with some of the best mascara's around, which mascara has been your favorite so far?

I went to with the attentions of buying something specific, but of course, like every other day of walking through Sephora, I came out with something completely different. I wanted to purchase my old-faithful mascara, but this case (picture) caught my eye and I was sold just on the packaging. I used to dismiss this as a line for fancy elderly ladies, but after putting my prejudices aside, I've come to find that Guerlain has great mascara (and they sometimes out perform other popular named brands).

I believe it was the Signature 'G' that caught my attention, so I decided what could it hurt to try something new and get a great review out of it. While I have yet to write a complete review, this mascara is great. I've even checked with my local Sephora store to see if you would be able to go in the ask for a sample size of it, trust me...try it and review that tiny sample they provide!

Adore A Polish has a great review of this here.

This is a very standard, colorless gel mascara that has minimal impact on the lashes beyond slightly darkening them and creating a minimal groomed look. I found this to be a better brow gel, but I don't believe this is worth the price...however, it's a great brow gel and I would keep buying it just for that!

While I've never used this product myself, I haven't heard the best reviews on can see for yourself at Sephora.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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