Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick Tips To Make Bright Makeup Colours Wearable

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Have you noticed all of the bright makeup trends lately? It's not just the Electric Palette from Urban Decay. (Though that is certainly one exciting example!) It's neon lip colours, nails, and crazy bright eyeshadow shades. With warm weather in full supply, there is no better time go get a little adventurous with your makeup.

Are you ready to embrace bright makeup? Then here a few quick tips to make these larger than life shades a little more wearable.

Let's start with lipstick shades. During the spring and summer months, bright lipstick colours are definitely in. Bright prints, corals, and purple are absolutely everywhere! If you're a little leery of that much colour, don't worry! All you need to do is line your lips with a neutral lip liner before you apply your lipstick. That can make the colour look less harsh against your skin tone. You can also try layering on some gloss and keep the rest of your makeup neutral. It will make a big difference.

When it comes to bright nails, the brighter the better. Neon coloured nails are always fun - and look great throughout the season. To make them a little less in your face, add on some gold glitter or have just one or two accent nails.

Now onto those eyeshadow shades. If you're hesitant to wear neon green on your eyelids, you're not alone. Many people - even makeup fanatics - are feelings the same way. You don't have to look like you're on the way to a rave to embrace colour, though. The secret to wearable bold eyeshadow is to mix it with color colours. Start with a light shimmery shade on the inner corner, apply your bright shade in the centre, and add a deeper colour to the crease. You can also run a bright colour along the lower lash line for an extra pop.

Beautiful (and bright!) makeup can look seriously amazing. With these tips to make bright colours more wearable, there's no reason to skip this fun makeup trend.


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