Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let's Go Shopping!

Hello Ladies,

This post is my absolutely favorite...I love shopping! And not just for clothes and accessories.

Make A Shopping List
Look through your current wardrobe and take note of the pieces you're missing. Which pieces are you always reaching for but never have?

What pieces do you need to achieve your inspiration style? Remember to look for the pieces/styles you saw repeating in your inspiration.

Prioritize Your Purchases
Go through your shopping list and prioritize which pieces will have the most impact in your wardrobe right now.
Start with the basics; the pieces you'll wear the most often. Maybe it's a white tee or a pair of boyfriend jeans. These are the staples you'll be wearing several times a month and where you want to start your shopping.

Move on to the pieces you need to finish (or start) your inspiration looks. Maybe it's a pair of black heels. These won't make or break your looks, but they're the pieces that tie everything together.

Lowest on the list might be things like accessories or pieces similar to what's already in your closet.

If you're on a budget, your priority items will be the first things to shop for, then slowly work down your list as money allows.

In-Store VS Online
Shopping in-store will give you instant gratification. You'll be able to take things home to your closet right away, even have the opportunity to see and try on pieces you might not have considered before.
Shopping online has advantages as well. There are often online-only deals and you can try on everything at home, in your own time, and mix and match the potential new pieces with your current wardrobe.

See Part 1 -  Build Your Wardrobe
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See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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