Wednesday, July 02, 2014

An Ode To Mint

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Sometimes I fall in love with a particular colour. Like, head over heels in love. And then anytime I go out shopping, I want absolutely everything I see in that colour...even if it's not a piece I would normally gravitate to. Is anyone else like this? One of my biggest colour obsessions at the moment has to be mint. I have a mint coloured bag, pants, skirt, accessories, sweaters, shirts and more. Oh my! It's gotten to be a bit of a problem. There is just something about this colour that makes me feel amazing.

That's why today's post is an ode to mint. It started off as my favourite colour for spring, but it seems to have crossed over into my summer wardrobe as well. Here are a few of the way I'm wearing this shade as the temperatures rise.

Nails are my favorite way to wear mint. Whenever I go to the nail salon to get gel nails applied, I like to choose a shade of mint. (When in doubt, choose mint? That seems to be my motto!) So, if you want to bring a little mint into your look, get creative with your nails. Try a few accent nails, some stripes, or anything else you can imagine. They are the perfect way to bring a little femininity and colour.

Next up? Fun accessories like a backpack, jewellery, headscarf, or shoes. They can give you all the mint you crave without being too overpowering. You'd be surprised at how a mint coloured accessory can amp up any summer outfit. Look through your jewellery box or find a new piece that speaks to you. Once you incorporate it into your summertime routine, you won't go back!

Yes, I love mint. A lot. The colour always manages to make me smiles and bring out my girly side. If you're looking to add some mint in your life, start with your nails and accessories. The rest will follow!


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  1. I LOVE Mint. Like seriously. I've written so many posts on my mint stuff. Mint shorts, skirt, shoes, top, nails, playsuit, I just love the colour mint!

    And now I really want that bag!


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