Friday, June 27, 2014

Unleashing Your Inner Barbie Doll

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Let's be honest: Barbie is an icon. She's been it all, done it all, and yes, worn it all. Over the years, her closet has had just about every style hanging inside! She's worn dresses, suits, button-down shirts, leggings, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Barbie is a total fashionista.
If you're anything like me, you probably spent your childhood afternoons playing with Barbie dolls. I had dozens of them in my bedroom! There was nothing I loved more than changing Barbie's clothes, brushing her hair...and then doing it all over again. The more outfits I could put her in, the better. Want to unleash your inner Barbie doll? Here are some ways you can incorporate her style into your life.

Don't Be Afraid To Get Adventurous

One thing that Barbie is known for is that adventurous style of hers! She has never shied away from trying something new. Even though she is doll, this is still a good fashion lesson. It can be pretty easy to fall into a rut. Turn it all around by mixing things up! Do you normally stick to jeans and a t-shirt? Put on a dress. Or if you prefer comfy sweats, grab something a little more form fitting. Do what you can to change it up. Barbie would!
Remember To Play With Colour

Barbie is never boring. Just take a peek at all of the bright colours she wears! If you want to add a little bit of Barbie to your life, one simple way to do it is with colour. Blue, orange, yellow...whatever you like! Your best bet, though, is pink. The next time you go shopping, look for anything and everything pink. It's her signature shade! Add on some brightly coloured heels, a cute dress, and you'll be just like Barbie!
Always Have Fun With Your Wardrobe

The most important - and more effective - way to unleash your inner Barbie doll? Have fun! Barbie was never one to stand on the sidelines. She wasn't the one to wear bland or boring clothes, either. So, get out there and have fun with your fashion choices. A bit of advice? Love what you wear. That way, you'll always feel confident.

Barbie meant a lot to me growing up. That's why I'm still so inspired by her today. To some, Barbie may be 'just' a doll but to me, she's so much more. Barbie represents confidence, dreams, and yes, great fashion sense.


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