Wednesday, June 04, 2014

About Me

This week we are allowed to write about anything we want, so I thought I would write about myself.

First, I am an 18 year old Taurus and I fit the sign very well. I am a writer, which I am guessing you could figure out from the fact that I blog on Beauty O'holic! I mostly write beauty and romance/erotica and I have been lucky enough to have a couple of my works accepted within the past year. I love Outlaw country music. Hank 3, Bob Wayne and Jayke Orvis are my top 3, but right now my favorite band would be Pretty Reckless.

What else? Well, I'm engaged to my "high school" sweetheart. I have "high school" in quotations, because I never went to a real high school. I've been home schooled my entire life.

We've been moving around a lot over the past few years (6 hours in 6 years!) and I have to admit it has inspired a bit of a travel bug in me. I love going somewhere new and making it my home. I love anything with my hands. Crocheting, Japanses calligraphy, baking, you name it!

I'm also very active and have been since I was little. It started with hockey when I was a little girl, eventually I stopped with hockey and moved onto kick boxing, which I loved! I also started weight training with my father when I was about 12 or so. Now, I proudly say I weight train, practice yoga, belly dance and kickbox.

My last big hobby is self-improvement. Like 99% of the people out there, I have been through my share of stuff that could bring someone down and for a long time I just wasn't coping with my life appropriately, when I finally decided to change it, I decided I would do it on my own, without professional help...and so far, it has been working. It has also inspired me to keep striving to get better. I've a very competitive person and I love to do better today than I did yesterday - it keeps me going.

My personal blogs:
-Hair (click here)
-Writing/Personal (click here)


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