Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Did you Wear?

Being home-schooled, I never went to prom. That being said, I've always thought about what I would wear to a prom. I think I would go with a long dress, something classy with a little bling that shows off my great rack, maybe a little ruching in the top.

What I want to know is, what was everyone else wearing to their prom?! I asked around online a little and here's what some of you had to say!

~"I never went to prom. I had no-one to go with and the tickets were too expensive. I would have worn a dark purple corset-dress, black heels and my hair done in curls."

~"I didn't go to prom...but I did go to homecoming...[I wore a] fedora and Avenged Sevenfold shirt."

~"I didn't get to go to my Prom, so my fiance and I are creating a Prom of our own and this is what I'm going to be wearing."

~"I wore a pretty flowy green dress with a cute broach on the front, the green faded from a deep rich emerald at the chest to a light spring green at the hem, black velvet high heels and a simple string of real pearls. My hair was short - chin length - was curled and wavy with a hint of glitter. My ex-fiance wore a gray tweed suit-jacket with black pants and a crimson red button up the way, I had a terrible prom...because of him...he danced with my friends' date the whole night...the date he danced with was another guy, kinda glad I didn't go to the senior prom, it would have been much better and probably gotten to dance."

~"I wore a vintage-style dress, all purple chiffon. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline. It had a slit that stopped in the middle of my right thigh, but it was hard to tell because of the draping of the chiffon. The bodice was slightly ruched. With it, I had black peep toe heels decorated with black glitter and lace. I had an orchid corsage with purple tulle and a rhinestone band and my makeup was all tans, purples, blacks and silvers. With it, I wore a diamond tennis bracelet of my mother's and a Tiffany's necklace that belonged to my aunt. My hair was curled and done up in a 1960's style with a silver-and-rhinestone comb and I carried everything in a black and gray clutch."

~"A royal red floor length dress with pewter rhinestone detailing around the bust. With a sparkly clutch (also pewter) and matching strappy 3" heels." - My BFF

~"I don't have a picture, but here's what I wore:

Looking back now, I think I looked ridiculous." - Jenna Beanzz

What did you wear to prom?

If you haven't been, what would you wear?


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  1. For my prom I wore this long sexy black dress, it has a halter top and the back was cut very low almost down to my tailbone. It was also form fitting. I actually wanted one of those dresses with the big princess skirts but it didn't work out that way lol. My prom itself was uneventful, here in Canada I don't think prom is anything like it is in the U.S it isn't such a big hoopla. We had it at this hall which was just okay, the food was bad and no one was announced king or queen. The real party began in the hotel rooms we rented, we had this huge party with all of our friends and it was wild.



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