Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To: Summer Moss Eyes

Hello Ladies,

A lot of times girls are afraid to trying wearing bolder or brighter colors on their eyes for fear of looking too wild, but here is a look that is great for trying out those brights, while not going overboard. The trick is to combine your bright shades with a neutral, warmer color, like brown. This way, you still get that pop of color, but it doesn't look too 'over-the-top'. Vibrant colors popping all over the place this season? Now is the perfect time to stray from your comfort zone a little bit and give this a try!

Green tends to work well on any eye color which is why it's one of my favorites!

1. Brush medium brown shade (from Lorac Eyeshadow for browns, $22) onto outer half of lid and into crease. Continue onto bottom outer half as well.

2. Use a green shade (whichever you'd like), brush onto middle of lid and extend to inner corner (I used my 88 Palette, $11).

3. Continue the same green shade under eye, half way.

4. Darken outer corners and under eye with a deeper brown (on top of medium brown).

5. Line upper lids.

6. Line waterline with white or nude eyeliner and finish with mascara!

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Happy Shopping!

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