Thursday, April 10, 2014

How To: Choose a Prom Dress for your Body Type

Most girls, young ladies, are only interested in searching for the prettiest dress compared to what fits their body appropriately. Trust us, you can get body without your parents cringing when you walk out of the dressing room. Plus, this will help avoid those arguments with your parents on getting them to buy the dress you want...not what they want.

You'll want to be sure you catch the eye of the other partygoer's, but yet be comfortable enough to dance the night along without feeling self-doubt or uncomfortable.


So, how do you choose a prom dress for your body type?


You want to lengthen yourself; take away attention from your trouble spots. You may try to choose a V-neck, low-waistline, and succinct line kind of dress. The decoration of the neck part could be more ample to move the attraction above the neck. Be very careful when wearing short dresses, because it may give off the appearance that you are shorter or larger than you really are.
Low cut dresses could be the best choice to emphasize the impressive top line, but if the proportion is not that perfect, then heart neck or a simple neckline design could be used to cut down the exaggeration of the top.

You can also play it up, but look for something with fuller coverage so you can make sure you have adequate support.



If you are petite, show a little leg and go with an asymmetrical hemline to make you appear taller (even if you're already 5'10"). Floor length gowns and full skirts tend to overwhelm your frame. Delicate feminine dresses will go well with your body type.

Shopping for a prom dress is just as hard as a Plus Size prom dress. Avoid the big bows and thick lace, tight corset or top-stressed types could be more ideal. Strapless, sleeveless and short sleeve styles could help to show the beautiful shoulders and arms. Short dresses were made for petite girls and will hit them just right.

Each body type has different styles of prom dresses that look good on them. Here is a link to help you get an idea for the type of dress that is not only appropriate for your shape, but also a dress that you want: Prom Shopping for Body Types

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