Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hey there, Beautiful.
Go look in the mirror.
Really look at yourself...
past the insecurities,
past everything you think is wrong.
Remember that.

I wish everyone could have this imprinted on their bathroom mirror so it is the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they see before bed.

 All of the articles, magazines and photos so often serve to make people feel inadequate when really all they're trying to do is sell you a product. What people should take away from them are one or two tips that they can apply to their own lives. If you look at the clothes the designers show on the runways during Fashion Week, it's obviously no one would really wear the clothes that the models are wearing.

Manufacturers will pick a skirt length, a shoulder line, a color, a heel height, and tone it down to use for the next season. The Alexander McQueen shiny red platforms get translated into something more reasonable for us mere mortals.

That's how WE should regard the articles we read and the photos that we see...not that we aren't good enough but to find something in an article...and not EVERY article...and try it out. Some may work, many won't.

Some may work at one stage of your life

and not at another.

Learn what works FOR YOU...find your own beauty, your own style.


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