Monday, March 24, 2014

Want A New Hairstyles?

Hello Ladies,

Want to get a new hairstyle, but are unsure where to start?

Want to try a different look, but don't know how to explain it to your stylist? Learn the stylists lingo to avoid getting a bad haircut.

Thin It Out
Be careful how you tell your stylist how you want your hair to be thinned out. This will prompt your stylist to remove large amounts of your hair to be thinned with shears or a razor. If you have fine hair, thinning can make it look lifeless.

Take A Little Off The Ends
When a stylist hears this, especially an inexperienced one, they will evaluate your cut and chop off whatever they feel is necessary to reshape your face. Unless you're specific, they may cut off more than you had in mind.

Lighter streaks are meant to create a multidimensional color effect. There are several options. A half-head of highlights means your colorist will lighten select strands just beyond your crown to your forehead; a full head also includes the strands that rest against the name of your neck. Face-framing highlights are concentrated along your crown and hairline.

Hide Your Wrinkles
Be careful how you say this to your stylist. They may assume you want blunt-cut bangs that, literally, cover your forehead wrinkles - when maybe all you need is a cut that softens your features. Ask for face-framing layers instead.
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