Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Hair Mask


Hair masks, if you don't know, are pretty much the same thing as a face mask but you apply it to your hair. They are meant to nourish, treat, care for and promote healthy hair. Some can even strengthen and help grow hair faster!

Instead of telling you how to create a hair mask, I am going to give you some quick information on the best ingredients to use for your hair mask and let you put the perfect one together for yourself!

Eggs: Eggs are a great base for your mask. They are packed full of protein which is great for the hair as it is 80% protein to begin with. Most people I know use an egg as a base.

Banana: Bananas are packed full of great things for your hair. They are another great base for your mask.

Avocado: Nick names the "hair food" for good reason, these bland (IMO) little things are packed full of so many good things for your hair, skin and health it is crazy.

Mayo: I remember as a little girl, my mum would put mayo in her hair once a week. I never understood why (and for some reason never asked) until I read that mayo is supposed to be an amazing conditioner for your hair. Personally, I find it leaves my hair greasy but I know many, many women who swear by it.

Vitamins: If you need an extra bit of vitamin you can always add a capsule to your hair mask! Just cut a gel one open or crush the hard ones into a powder.

Conditioner: This is a good idea if you are in need of a little extra moisture or if you will be paying close attention to your roots. Add about a dime size dollop to the mixture.

Oils: Oils are something much loved by the beauty DIY-ers and there are so many reasons for that! (Click here for a full list) When it comes to creating a hair mask, oils are the perfect way to add moisture and shine to your hair.

Peppermint Oil: On the topic of oils, this one in particular can help promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp.

Mustard Powder: This little powder (when mixed with warm water) is said to do the same.

Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV, as it is commonly called, can help cleanse the hair and remove product buildup, as well as balance out PH levels.

Peanut Butter: Another product that is packed full of protein and other nutrients.

Cocoa: Didn't you know? Chocolate is good for you! Click Here for a full explanation on why you should be adding it to your mask.

Green Tea: Said to be healing and add shine, green tea is also great for keeping your brown hair gorgeous!

Coffee: Another good way to keep your brown hair vibrant is to add a little coffee to your mask, your hair will also smell amazing!

Lemon: This one is for the blondes, but lemon won't only bring out the blonde in your hair, it also helps repair and protect the strands from damage.

Cinnamon & Mouth Wash: These are another two said to help with hair growth by stimulating the scalp. Just be careful because in most cases stimulation can turn into irritation.

*Apply to both roots and ends. Some people suggest you don't pay attention to the ends, but I believe that is B.S. Our ends need a lot of love!

*Leave your mask on for anywhere from 15-60 minutes. It all depends on the products you have in it and the time you have to wait, but the first time you do anything, make sure you are able to get in the shower quickly - especially if you are using any of the "hair growth" ones.

*Before applying the mask heat your hair, either by having a hot shower or by using a blow dryer, this will lift the hair cuticle up and allow the product to penetrate better.


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