Saturday, March 01, 2014

March 2014 Monthly Roundup

Hello Beauties,

Can you believe it's March already? Time is really flying...especially when running Beauty O'holic and For Sanity's Sake Products at the same time. Whew!

This month, like any other month, we've got a ton of posts in store for you...some days are even doubled up (which doesn't happen often). 

We have a popular holiday this month, St. Patrick's Day, as well as a favorite television show coming back, Once Upon A Time. You will also see a requested post in the beginning of the month from the Home Shopping Network, as our team worked together to provide you the best tips and tricks on hair.

Our first week is all about Miscellaneous beauty topics...ranging from hair, face, body, etc. There are a lot of tricks that are covered this week for beauties ages 0 to 99. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...never forget that. While many don't believe that their eight year old should wear makeup (no judgment), we also cover accessories and fashion for all ages.

Our second week is about Shamrock's...join us as we prepare for St. Patrick's Day. Who doesn't like green?

Next week is, as I mentioned before, dedicated to Once Upon A Time television show. As we did this theme last week, this is part two, where we will talk about the gentlemen from the show...last year's week's of posts can be seen here.

Our final, full week for March is dedicated to another Random Week - as this is similar to our Miscellaneous Week - we simply ran out of room in the beginning of the month for posts...some of our writers are simply pouring with posts just for you!

We will finish the last few days with Wedding Week - we've never done a wedding week. One of our writer's is getting married in the next few months - congratulations from the Beauty O'holic team!

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