Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: For Sanity's Sake Oatmeal Skin Soothing Bath Teas

For those of you that don't already know, For Sanity's Sake is an Etsy shop specializing in homemade, all natural beauty products, started by our very own Meredith! I've written reviews on some of her products before, which you can find here, but today's post is a review of the Oatmeal Skin Soothing Bath Teas.

My skin is very sensitive, so I had high hopes that these little baggies would bring some temporary relief due to the soothing effect of oatmeal. Years ago, I would buy those bags of Dr. Teal's Oatmeal Bath, but there was always a problem: when I would get out of the tub, it looked like someone had dumped an entire beach in it. So I couldn't use the stuff without having to clean the tub later, and that was ultimately why I stopped buying it. Thankfully, the tea bag holding the products acts like a strainer to keep messes from happening.

To use them, I simply hang the bag over the faucet, run the water for my bath, then throw out the bag. What comes out of the bag when you're running the water can only be described as oatmeal juice, but it's amazing for soothing my sensitive skin and keeping my skin soft throughout the day.

A word to the wise: Before hanging it over the faucet, tear off the little tag, and tie a strong knot in the string. If you don't do this, and the string gets wet, it will fall into the tub. The bags are available in 4 packs, with three choices of tea flavors (Jasmine Green Tea, Double Berry Green Tea, and Chamomile). You can't smell the tea in the bag, but once it gets wet, your nose is treated to the scent of your choice.

Price: $1.50 for four bags
Performance Grade: A+

This product, as well as all the other For Sanity's Sake Products, can be purchased from their Etsy shop HERE. To learn a little more about their products or the company, check out the For Sanity's Sake Blog HERE.

You can also check out the For Sanity's Sake Facebook page here.

Lainey L.

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