Sunday, February 02, 2014

Makeup Bag Week

Hello Beauties,

Take out your makeup bags beauties, this week is dedicated to them!

What's inside your makeup bag? A common question I have read on many beauty blogs.

This week is inspired by Beauty VIP Hope Jennings.

I love reading about the different makeup brands and colors that beauty lovers talk about every day (reviews are very helpful as well). We did a "Makeup Bag Week" last year as well...I would like to see how everyone's bags or collection of makeup has changed in the past year.

If you aren't sure the expiration on a particular cosmetic items, don't worry, we wrote a few posts about just that last year (expiration and unused makeup).

This is my personal makeup bag review from last year, along with all the products I carried. This year, you can read mine which posts in a few the two.

1 comment:

  1. My Beauty bag is more of a huge train case ...I know that is a bit much for a weekend but sometimes I can't decide what look I am going to do depending on where I am going so I like having options! Your makeup bag looks a lot more practical!



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