Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hermione Granger

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Then chances are, you know an awful lot about Hermione Granger. This beloved book (and movie!) character is known for her brains, quick wit, and yes, even her sense of style. From The Sorcerer's Stone to The Deathly Hallows, she evolved from a bushy haired know-it-all to a confident and fashionable young woman. Let's take a closer look at Hermione's style, from head to toe.

Let's start with the hair. Hermione's hair transformation took her from ugly duckling to beautiful swan in a matter of minutes. In the beginning, she was known for those long bushy locks. Style certainly wasn't on the top of her priority list! Over time, that all changed. One of her most notable scenes was when she unveiled those soft, beautiful curls. Her new style certainly wowed all of the Hogwarts boys...especially Ron.

For Hermione inspired hair of your very own, take a 1-inch barrel curling iron and curl just the bottom half. Do this until you've curled every section of your hair. Once the curls have cooled completely, loosen them up with your fingers and finish off with hairspray.

When it comes to the nails and face, Hermione is all about keeping it natural. She's too busy studying to spend hours in front of the mirror primping! Her nails are bare, but clean. As for her makeup, a bit of mascara and some perfectly flushed cheeks are more than enough.

Do you want to channel your inner Hermione? For a little bit of fun, forget the bare nails and embrace your inner Gryffindor, instead. Choose house colors, paint the Deathly Hallows symbol, or even try a lightening bolt. The possibilities are endless. AS for your makeup, keep the look natural but better. Play up your cheeks with a gorgeous rosy pink blush shade. You'll look perfectly flushed.

Lastly, fashion! Hermione's fashion depends on her setting. In class, she rocks a Hogwarts uniform like nobody else. Outside of school, she is all about layering. To get the look and make it your own, start by grabbing a pair of skinny jeans. Pair them with a simple pink top, sweater, purple scarf, and a fitted jacket. Don't forget to finish it all off with a Time Turner necklace.

Hermione is more than a character...she's an inspiration, a heroine, and yes, even a style icon. Try adding a little more Hermione to your look. You'll feel magical!


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  1. She is so cute! It was interesting to watch the kids grow up right before our eyes with each new movie. I haven't read the books, my sis and I began watching the movies and then just kinda got sucked into the series and figured we went that far we may as well keep going lol.



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